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Budapest is a city, where on each corner a surprise awaits you. This metropolis with her 2,1 Million inhabitants is much more then only the capital of Hungary. Budapest is an unique monument of the past as well as a modern metropolis – a treasury that contains 2.000 years of history and a cultural centre in which one sensational event haunts the other one.

The city extends on both sides of the Danube river – on the right side you find the older, hilly Buda with historic and architectural monuments, on the left side the flat land of the younger Pest with the houses of the well situated citizens and a really bustling life.

For relaxation you find the „Margitsziget” – an island with 92ha in the middle of the city – a conservation area, 2,5km long and 500m wide.
Cars are not permitted here and old majestic trees and parks, ruins from monasteries from the days of the middle age, a spa area, 2 cure hotels and a small zoo as well as restaurants and cafes are conductive for the recreation in the heart of the city.

During your visit you will not only find our, why today’s Budapest is the proud inherit of the Magyar tribes, who founded Hungary about 1.100 years ago, you will also discover the lasting influence of the footsteps of the Turks, who determined the history of Hungary in the 16th and 17th century and you will be remembered of the days, when the Habsburgians ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

And of course, you will also see the Budapest, that makes the history of today: a blossoming centre of international trade, of culture, of politics, a growing metropolis with the charm of a small town who’s lively presence and gleaming past make her to one of the most dynamic and beautiful cities of Europe.

Useful information about Budapest:
During your stay you will have a choice of many things to do and visit.
Museums, galleries, theatres, opera and concert halls, sports events offer you a variety of programmes all year round.


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